Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Halloween this year...

I have never been one to get into the spirit of Halloween. I don't know why, it just was never one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because I could never decide on a costume and when I did finally decide, it was usually the night before and I just picked out whatever was in my parents closet.

But with Imogen, we already have 3 costumes! The first is a Tinker Bell costume  handed down from her good friend Lily. She threw an amazing fit when I tried getting it on her but as soon as the cameras started up, she was somehow alright with it. Grandma and Grandpa were down and helped me take her to the Richmond School Fall Festival. Holy cow, was there a lot of kids there! Tess and her friends were manning the face painting booth and Imogen actually stayed still long enough for Tess to paint a glittery butterfly on her cheek. We also got a "tattoo" butterfly on her leg that absolutely fascinated Imo. Good times. Here are some photos of the little girl and hopefully we will get some more when Halloween rolls around next week. She is going as a skeleton (glow in the dark PJ's-so cool).

So this is her attempting her fast break down the stairs. I guess someone told her fairies could fly!

Sweet Tinker!
 Trying to climb over the fence to get to the Airplanes. Look at the determination on her face (not to mention the oh so fairy appropriate shoes on her feet. Can't get her to wear anything else!)
Daddy and his little girl.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My first time

Welcome to my first attempt at Blogging.

While Nich has photography to capture Imogen's quick growth, I will try and share those little ephemeral moments that make me smile, cry and pull my hair out!

Like visiting Stone Breweries the other day with Nich, mom and Imogen. This is probably my favorite place to eat when we come down to San Diego. Not only is the food amazingly fresh and delicious, the beer awesome, the architecture and design is my favorite. On top of that, the gardens just transport you! If you get a chance, check it out. It is worth the trip for sure.
We caught a few great shots of Imogen wandering around and strutting her stuff.

 Hand on her hip and everything!
Can't you just hear her saying "mom, will you just take the photo already!" (A side note, I actually was able to take some photos of her because Nich was playing with his Lubbitel so I wielded his digital)
Swaying to her own music. And look at the smirk. Boy are we going to be in trouble!

This was Imogen trying to smell the flowers. Shortly after, she "smelled" them with her hands and squished them.

Well, I am sure that if I continue to blog that maybe I will spend less time on the dreaded Facebook!

I hope to post some images of the sewing projects I am working on. Because of course, you can't just work one project at a time. My poor kitchen table!
Have a great day!