Monday, November 2, 2009

"Real" Halloween

Halloween 2009-Fun business

Imogen went as a skeleton. Kind of a cat burglar skeleton, I guess. Putting on her makeup was hilarious. She made faces at herself the entire time. Even kissed the shower door and left an impression of all of dad's hard work. Not to mention smearing it with her hand and then wiping her hand on her costume.

Dad's finished handy work

Great memories will include:

Dancing so hard with Noni at the Frolic her diaper came off.

Giving trick or treating a valiant effort and realizing she just wasn't into it. Probably next year. However, she had no problem sneaking tootsie rolls directly from the source. I am surprised the VonFlues had any left to give out!

The live spooky music (courtsey of Hangdog) on the front lawn.

Best costume goes to Maxwell. Kudos to Brandi for making it. Absolute genius.

Stella wins best costume choices. This is one of the three costumes changes she came equipped with. (Cowboy hat already a casuality) Not pictured are the classic hotdog costume and the pharoh dog.

Skeleton and Scream. Imogen is never happier than with Seth!

Group shot of some of the kids before they scattered their separate ways. I wish you could see the hot pants on the Pink Ladies...

Dawn: The fabulously spooky hostess of the evening.

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