Monday, January 25, 2010

Escondido Falls

Yesterday we went back to Malibu and visited Escondido Falls. We have done this hike before a couple of times, but never with Imogen and not after 4 days of rain. Luckily, it was a beautiful day; sunny yet crisp. Perfect for nature enjoyment! Everyone was out yesterday for some Vitamin D and the parking lot at Winding Way was full and we had to park in the dirt. We loaded up with me carrying Imogen first. (Man, she is growing! She seemed way heavier than last week!) This is a much longer hike than Charmlee and probably a bit more adventurous for us (cross over a creek 4 or 5 times) but I was looking forward to it. We knew it was going to be muddy so Nich wore his cowboy boots and I wore my Chippewas. Great choice for the mud factor, but they gave me blisters and were heavy.

The trail starts off on a paved road through Malibu estates that are huge, gorgeous and have the best views around. Then it drops you into the Canyon and you start off into the green. Definitely muddy! There was a lot more water than the last time we went but nothing crazy. This is a popular trail and we saw a lot more people than in Charmlee. If you are looking for some private time, I wouldn't suggest this hike.

We only made it to the base of the falls because the trail up to the next level is a little more upright than I wanted to do with Imogen and the backpack. Plus, I was good and sweaty and ready for lunch by the time we got to the lower falls. Here's what they look like:

We enjoyed seeing all the dogs come bounding up to the small pool and jumping in. Imogen loved it. Walked around for a little bit then headed back and stopped for lunch at a small meadow. It was a harder hike for us only because of the length and change in elevation. I am glad we went to Charmlee a few times before we came here...I wouldn't have made it! I love this hike because you have woods, meadows, canyons, water and lots of people to say "hi" to.  I want to come back and try to get to the higher falls, next time!

Here some photos I took of Imogen and Nich:

Imogen holding on for dear life and making sure that I am following her

Daddy's got a hold on her while she is trying to get the water. It was cold!

Special moment with daddy and daughter. So precious!

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