Sunday, January 3, 2010


I haven't blogged for awhile and one of my New years resolutions is to get back into it. Who knows, maybe it is a resolution I might keep longer than a week!

Nich had 3 days off for the new years so we spent a good part of it recovering from the VonFlue's party and when I was sick of being in the house and needed to enjoy the sunshine and warmth we decided to go for a hike. It has been a long time since we went hiking, mostly because of scheduling but everytime we get out there, we ask ourselves why we don't do it more often.

We sought out a new hike. Both of us love hiking near the ocean so Malibu is a sure bet for us. Found a place called Charmlee Wilderness Park that sounded pretty rad...overlooking the ocean, great flora and fauna and easy hikes for the little one. (Or her parents who have been out of practice for awhile!)

It took us a few wrong turns and a good hour of backtracking through Malibu but we found it and had the best afternoon.  Imogen loves her backpack and it amazes me how much she has grown since we used it last. I wish I had gotten a photo of her legs hanging down, so freakin cute.

Enjoyed a little lunch, a little flower smelling, a little hiking and a little rock collecting before heading home. Here are some pics:

Nich and Imogen at the start of the hike. Happy hikers!

Imogen with her sandwich and stick. She had so much fun with that stick. Also, I came home with a pocketful of rocks she picked up.

The view from where we ate lunch to the Pacific Ocean. Amazingly beautiful and clear day.

Imogen loved this log. She sat down and was posing on it for awhile. Then she leaned back and was looking at the grass behind her. What goes on in her head?

Imogen running off the cookie from lunch.

Nich and Imogen walking back from the edge after the aforementioned cookie

Really beautiful paths throughout the whole park. We didn't even touch half of them and will have to go back!

Hope to have more memories for you this year. Enjoy!

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