Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Because

I guess I started this blog thinking I had something to say. But I don't think I always do. I think I just want to share some moments that get forgotten or that should be celebrated before they disappear. Plus they make me smile and I want to have something to document in my own way the passage of time.

So here are  some photos I snapped of Imogen playing around on our bed. I wish we had a video camera (I know that Nich has been talking about the Flip and Christmas is just around the corner...) But anyway, I wish I had recorded Imogen's laughter. That is truly the best sound in the whole wide world and makes my heart burst into confetti.

She has just flopped down on the bed after one of her patented dance moves that involve lifting one leg, bouncing and then falling on her butt. I'm telling you, she's got the groove.

I know this photo is blurry and whatnot, but that is just the reason I love it. She is so full of life and movement that I wanted to capture that. And she is holding for dear life to my phone. Always with the phone.

This is my favorite photo at the moment. She is mimicking me taking her picture and saying "cheese" while the daddy monster takes a break.

She can almost do a somersault.

In case you didn't know, we live right by the airport. We look out our bedroom window and watch the planes take off across the street. She is pointing at the window because a plane has just taken off. She always asks, "What's that?" or "Where it go?" with a shoulder shrug.

Sometimes it is the little moments.

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