Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree

This is a picture of our tree, with Imogen in front of it.

Of course, Nich wasn't really taking a picture of the tree. I made him take a picture of Imogen because she if finally wearing the red tutu that I HAD to get to go with the cutest hat. Yes, I had one of those moments when shopping the outlets with my mom. We've all had them (I hope!) when we want our kids to wear something and they totally have no desire to. Well, I have tried to get her to wear this thing for a couple of months to no avail. This night, we were going  out with Noni and Opa for Nich's birthday and I really wanted her to wear it. So I forced it on her, put it on even with the kicking and screaming. She had some tears and she went to her happy place and then she was over it! Yeah, I had one of those moments and I wanted documentation

See, she is even smiling! Can you see the sparkly silver shoes that match the shirt. Too darn cute.

So that is our Christmas tree. Even though it has been a week and we haven't finished decorating it. In this week I have been following Imogen around while she takes all the ornaments off the lower level and stashes them around the house. If I took a picture of the tree now it would look very top heavy!

This is a closeup of Imogen in the aformentioned hat. Cute isn't it?

Imogen was showing off her tongue. Tess taught her! (Can you tell that daddy was recording? I edited out the guitar and headphones but couldn't get rid of the snowball.

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