Friday, December 4, 2009

So my mom rocks!

Merry early Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc. to me!

I have been looking at sewing machines for a couple of months. I inherited a Kenmore 1300 series from my mom. It was a workhorse and has treated me great through the years...I have sewn a million baby blankets on it and it never gave me grief. But, it only sews straight lines or at most, zig zags.  It's biggest shortfall was it doesn't have a "walking foot" attachment which is key to holding a slippery moving quilt in place. So, I have a line of projects that have been started but not finished because of these limitations.

I checked out a couple of different brands on-line and then went to a couple of stores and tried a few. I'll not bore you with the details, and just summarize that I fell in love with Pfaff. Other than the requisite jokes between Nich and I about the name and a similarly named bank that has gone out of business, it is a dream machine! Sleek, computerized but not overly so, tons of different stitches AND a built in walking foot! Yeah! Totally way more expensive than I could ever think of spending on a machine. In fact, all the machines were way more than I expected. I mean, I could go to Costco and pick up a sewing machine for $200 bucks, but EVERY review of them said it was a piece of junk and every quilt shop I went into said they can't be worked on. So, it would be like throwing away money. I was scheming in my head how I could get the money (why can't I be a boy and sell my sperm? Oh, I could sell my eggs but I think I am too old for that now!)

So, over the Thanksgiving weekend, I went to AAA Sewing and Vacumn in Torrance. They had a special price with trade-in on Pfaff. The same entry level machine I was looking at was $300 dollars cheaper than the other dealer I went to and they would take mine as a trade-in! This is where my mom comes into play. She rocks, have  I mentioned? She knows that I will spend a ton of hours in front of the machine and make tons of money or at least save a ton of money by sewing my own things. So, she offered to buy it! I can't tell you how excited I am.

This is me sewing my first project on it! A baby playmat that I have been putting off because of the minky (super soft slippery material) that is the backing. This machine had no problem sewing on it!

Thank you mom for pushing me forward and believing in me. Don't be suprised if you get something handmade for a few presents! Love you xoxooxoxo

I forgot the best part of the machine, at least for Imogen:

She totally played in the lid for hours. What is that about buying you kids all sorts of toys and all they want are the boxes? So true!

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